Pornography and violence against women

Whereas we the members of CASAC, in solidarity and respectful of all sexually exploited women believe:
  • Another world is possible: a world free of all forms of sexual exploitations and sexual oppressions;
  • Sexual exploitation, founded on the commercialization of women’s bodies, is in a continuum including pornography, prostitution, sexual aggressions of all kinds, paedophilia, domestic and international sexual trafficking as well as sexual slavery
  • The fight against all forms of sexual exploitation forms and integral part of the struggle for the respect of human rights;
  • In the total context of globalization the sex industry, particularly pornography, exploits the misery and the vulnerability of women and the most weakened social groups;
  • The values conveyed by pornography are based on the commercialization of women’s bodies, the objectification of women, the early sexualization of girls, the eroticisation and sexual exploitation of children, , the dehumanization of the exploited people, particularly women, as well as the consecration of the male role to humiliate and dominate in sexuality;
  • Pornography undermines the dignity of all women and children;
  • The Canadian government has a leadership role to counter violence against women and children at the international level;
  • The government of Canada has a leadership role to counter violence against women and children in Canada;
  • The Canadian government show leadership in ending violence against women by innovating means which sends a clear message of promotion of the Canadian Charter of the rights and freedoms and disavowal of pornography
Be it resolved that:
CASAC require the Canadian government adopt policy that prohibits government agencies, including the army, to contract with hotel services in which the civil servants, soldiers, politicking and employees can view pornographic films.
n.b. Sweden has just adopted such a regulation which will come into effect on July 1; The Press, April 7, 2005, p.4 Current book. We will bring copies of the article to the meeting of Vancouver
CALACS Mont-Laurier