*CASAC is not active as an association at present time, the information found on this website is available as archival materials from the Canadian women’s movement.*
·        Raging Women Conference February 28-March1 2003 Fighting cutbacks in BC! A conference for women engaged in the struggle for social justice
·        Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights December 10 2002 Demonstration to oppose the French Law project of the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry of Interior wants to criminalize women in prostitution. Organized by Collectif Droit des Femmes.
·        Working Paper 4th International Meeting of the World March of Women December 3-7, 2002 New Delhi, India
·        Day of Action Against Violence Towards Women Regroupement Québécois des CALACS, September 2002
·         Example of action at TBTN (French — PDF File)
·         Take Back The Night 2002
·        Protesting women continue occupation of Chevron flow-stationsJuly 29 2002 Over three thousand protesting Ijaw women from the Gbaramatu Clan and other communities in the Niger Delta continue the direct occupation of Chevron’s flow stations in Nigeria’s Delta State. Environmental Rights Action (ERA) presents the voices of the protesting women speaking from the occupied Abiteye Flow Station.
·        Feminist Response to War Link to articles and protest photos.
·        Women’s History Month The theme for 2001 Women’s History Month is “In Praise of Canadian Women Volunteers / Chapeau aux bénévoles canadiennes!”.  The United Nations has declared 2001, International Year of Volunteers, and this year’s WHM theme celebrates key accomplishments in Canadian history by women volunteers and also acknowledges outstanding volunteer women’s organizations who influenced the evolution of Canadian society through volunteering
·        Surf Report Wisconsin’s Educational Communications Board Web Site. This is an American site with a section called ‘Surf Report’, that celebrates women (for the month of March) with sites that cover their history and accomplishments. These sites can be used by students all year round to find information on some of the important people who are often left out of the history books. Check out their archive for more resources.
·        The World March of Women2000 November 2000
·        Bonnie Agnew — A feminist  An excerpt from Lee Lakeman’s presentation at Bonnie’s memorial on October 2, 1998
·         A Consideration of Feminist Processby Lee Lakeman
·         Russian Women by Lee Lakeman

 Anti-violence & Feminism

·         Farewell address to Madame Justice L’Heureux-Dubé by Lee Lakeman, September 27, 2002Also available in PDF
·         Protesting women continue occupation of Chevron flow-stations – Niger Delta, by Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth and Project Underground, July 2002
·         Shame on women beaters by Mike Ulmer July 2002
·         Robinson’s Departure a “Disappointment”Human Rights Commissioner Was a Target of U.S. Geneva, March 18, 2002
·         Serial murders of women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico by Rosa Arteaga for the Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres
·         International womens day in Juarez protest murders of 300 women by David Peregrino, El Paso Times, March 10, 2002
·         The Color of Violence Against Women by Angela Davis, originally published in ColorLines Magazine, Fall 2000
·         Some examples of feminist analysis on sexual violence Taken from Mariangela Di Domenico, “La violence faite aux femmes: à travers les agressions à caractère sexuel”, 1995
·        A consideration of Feminist Process by Lee Lakeman
·         False Memory Label Invented By Lobby Group by Michele Landsberg article, 1993
·         And We Still Ain’t Satisfied, Gender Inequality in Canada A Status Report for 2001
link to PDF (2 pages) from the Centre for Social Justice website
Election 2000
Prostitution & Trafficking
·         Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Paris, December 10 2002
·         Planned Demonstration Dec 10 2002 to oppose the French Law Project of the Ministry of Interior who wants to criminalize prostitution organized by the Collectif Droit des Femmes
·         Swedish Seminar on the effects of legalization of prostitution activities, November 5-6, 2002
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  • First day: http://www.regeringen.se/webbutsandningar/ondemand/021105b.ram
  • Morning Second day: http://www.regeringen.se/webbutsandningar/ondemand/021106_1.ram
  • Afternoon Second day: http://www.regeringen.se/webbutsandningar/ondemand/021106_3.ram
·         Farewell address to Madame Justice L’Heureux-Dubé by Lee Lakeman, September 27, 2002Also available in PDF
·         Draft Bill on the Québec Correctional System
·         Brief of the Regroupement québécois des centres d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel, February 2002
·         Sexual Assault Convictions should not be subject to review by Liz Sheely, Kim Pate, Gursharan Basran, Lee Lakeman, Tamara Gorin and Cindy Gill
Court Cases
·         Bonnie Mooney Loses Suit Against the State The National Post, June 6, 2001
·         Press Release – Bonnie Mooney CASAC March 1, 2001
·         Press Release – Bonnie Mooney NAC March 1, 2001
·         Darrach October 2000
·         Mills Ruling Nov 1999
·         Gilbert Rozon March 1999
·         Judge McClung March 1999
·         May-Iles Inquest July 1998
·         Jane Doe Book on cop attitudes toward rape victims, Paula McCooey, March 08 2003
·         Jane Doe Unfairly Ripped for Telling the Truth Michele Landsberg, November 1998
Myths & Facts
·         DNA Evidence and a National DNA Databank: “Not in Our Name” by Julia Kubanek and Fiona Miller
·         Myths Mask The Facts About Rape by Smith and Woolacott
·         Myths About Incest by The Sexual Assault Support Centre, Ottawa
Custody & Access
·         Custody & Access May & Nov 1998
·         The Role of the Victim in the Criminal Justice System–Circle Sentencing in Inuit Communities written by Mary Crnkovich, prepared for the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice Conference in Banff, Alberta, October 11-14, 1995
·         The 1999 General Social Survey on Spousal Violence: An Analysis by Yasmin Jiwani, August 2000