Statement from CASAC’s Atlantic regional representative
Heather Gaskill
Women’s organizing backs down the provincial government’s plan for huge budget cuts. Nova Scotia’s provincial government made a direct attack on women’s organizations with their recent budget, made public in April of this year. A call for support went out across the region when the proposed budget, which would have cut $800,000 from women’s centers and transition houses, was announced. Government wanted to reorganize the provision of ‘women’s services’, all of which would have been offered through transition houses, had the budget been passed. Transition houses and women’s centres stood together, and government has said that they will look for ‘savings’ elsewhere. They have agreed not to cut any beds, or close any women’s centers or transition houses, and to meet together with CONNECT! (NS women’s centers) and THANS (Transition House Association). They have agreed to negotiate for service provision provincially, not regionally as proposed. Women reacted strongly; there was a large-scale response from all over the region, causing government to back down, for the time being.
Protestors confront Minister over cuts to women’s shelters
National Post Tuesday April 9, 2002Nova Scotia
Halifax – People who work at women’s shelters are fighting provincial funding cuts. A few dozen workers and supporters took to the legislature yesterday to confront government politicians.   Some scolded Finance Minister Neil LeBlanc, saying “shame, shame. The new provincial budget cuts funding to shelters by more that $800,000.