Bonnie Mooney versus the Solicitor General of Canada, the Attorney General & RCMP

March 1, 2001
Contact: Lee Lakeman
Regional Representative for BC and the Yukon
Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres
Phone: (604) 876-2622 – [email protected]
VANCOUVER “Three levels of government are colluding to blame Bonnie Mooney for the violence committed by her ex-lover”, says Lee Lakeman, speaking for the Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres. “They are sticking together so that the federal authorities can avoid financial responsibility for the admitted actions of Constable Craig Andrichuk. Bonnie Mooney asked the RCMP for help. The RCMP and the province have the ‘Violence Against Women in Relationships Policy’ which promises to help women who ask for police intervention. But Bonnie Mooney didn’t get the protection promised from the law and that policy.”
Ms Mooney had sought the help of Prince George RCMP to protect herself and her daughters from a repeatedly violent man, Roland Kruska. She was sent to find a lawyer and to seek a legal order for him to stay away from her. She was told, the police could not help her. Her daughter was shot and her friend shot to death in trying to escape the final attack. The police were aware both of Roland Kruska’s criminal record of violence, and of his ownership of guns.
“The Canadian Department of Justice is defending the government in bad faith”, said Ms Lakeman.” And the province is cooperating with them and the RCMP in spite of the contractual responsibility of the federal RCMP. They should settle the case by taking responsibility for the failure to deliver the promised protective policing, and by making what amends are still possible to Bonnie Mooney.”