Legal Aid for Women

Whereas The Canadian Constitution guarantees women the right to protection under the law, equal benefit under the law, liberty and security of persons without being discriminated against because of sex or race.
Whereas trafficked women are being detained because of immigration policy
Whereas women’s poverty is on the rise and women’s poverty is being increasingly criminalized
Whereas men hold more social and economic power, and men who abuse women use this advantage over women against them particularly in custody battles.
Whereas legal aid was already inadequate and has been cut in BC by 40%
Whereas raped women have no free option to pursue legal advice for fight back strategies
Therefore be it resolved that CASAC call on the federal government to increase national legal aid funding to the Canada Health and Social Transfer and require every Provincial government to ensure women get legal aid services and legal advocacy
Women’s Poverty
Given that poverty is completely unnecessary and unacceptable reality
Given that poverty is disproportionately imposed on women
Given that poverty increases the vulnerability of women to being attacked in their homes on the job and on the street
And given that poverty creates insurmountable barriers to women’s autonomy
And given that poverty prevents women’s access to health and justice after attacks of violence
And given that CASAC sees hope in the analysis and attitude of the Pictou gathering
Be it resolved that CASAC supports the Pictou Statement