Nellie Nippard knows too well how the criminal justice system fails to protect women. That is why she was willing to come when I invited her to speak at the Women’s Resistance conference, and to meet Jane Doe, and Bonnie Mooney.
“I automatically figured that if the time ever came that I would get the nerve or the courage to make the decision to go to the RCMP, I just took it for granted that everything would be taken care of, but I got no help.”
“They told me it was a family dispute, we can’t go in there.” “That was a big let down for me.” Nellie’s husband later stabbed her 33 times. He did it in spite of the fact the mother of six had gone to the police many, many times for help. It was her opinion that the officer had sided with Lew and that they had become buddies.
Read this story in Canada’s Promises to Keep: The Charter and Violence Against Women, pp. 73-74