Whereas the United Nations Committee overseeing CEDAW compliance has criticized Canada for non-compliance with its commitment to equality for women.
And whereas both Canada and the United Nations have affirmed their understanding of the connections between sexist violence and women’s equality
Whereas the criticism resulted from te reporting of women’s groups including CASAC and her members through the BC CEDAW committee and through the alternate report of the Feminist Alliance for International Action.
And whereas the federal government persists in developing its agenda for a Social Union Framework Agreement with no regard for the impact on women. Where such an agreement will have a direct impact on women because it will be a legislative framework that sets out the social rights and entitlements of women in Canada.
Be it resolved that CASAC members continue to press for compliance with Canada’s international commitments using the existing mechanisms of equality guarantees in our Constitution and human rights legislation.
That we continue in coalition to press for national standards that assure women access to public services and social programs that assist women in coping with inequality and that ameliorate the conditions of women’s inequality by redistributing income and political decision-making power. That we continue in coalition to press for these national standards to be entrenched within any social union framework agreement between governments.