Whereas it has been presumed by the proponents of the polygraph machines that physiological changes have regular association between lying and emotional stress, and that therefore the polygraph is a “lie detector”; and

Whereas the polygraph machine is a tool that registers only physiological changes; and
Whereas the test in fact amounts to no more than a subjective interpretation of behaviour; and
Whereas Canada polygraph test results are not admissible evidence in court; and
Whereas it has been stated by Sgt. L. Proke, RCMP Senior Polygraph Operator, during a Royal Commission Report on the Toronto Metropolitan Police, that, “the subject is usually a suspect in a crime or a complainant in a sex offense”; and
Whereas the Vancouver City Police have stated that, “over the past year 43.5% of those subjects examined in a sexual assault case were suspects”, 56.5% must be presumed to be that of victims; and
Whereas CASAC has had increasing reports of the misuse of the threat and usage of the polygraph exam, and there have been documented cases in Clark’s report on “Group Rape”; and
Whereas the polygraph exam is rarely used in the questioning of victims of other crimes; and
Whereas CASAC is actively involved in changing society’s attitudes towards rape and rape victims and in assisting rape victims in obtaining equal treatment before the law,
Therefore be it resolved that CASAC support the right of the victim of sexual assault to refuse to be subjected to a polygraph examination, and
Be it also resolved that CASAC actively work toward the abolition of the use of the polygraph exam on rape victims.
— Passed at 1979 Convention