In other places, we have tried to begin to come to terms with the making of monsters. Obviously, these men are born children, as innocent as others, and so we must, as a society, account for their distorted adult selves. As individual men, they must take responsibility for their own choices and the consequences of their actions. However, no child could warp into such a man without the intentional collusion of some, the mindless cooperation of many, and the indifference of even more. And we are not talking about their mothers. We must ask ourselves, who introduced them to pornography, to weapons, to abuse, to being abusive, to sexualizing abuse, to abusing for sexual gratification? Who ignored, or even rewarded their actions, as they became more terrible and more terrifying. As for their attitudes toward women, “they had to be carefully taught.”

Read this story in Canada’s Promises to Keep: The Charter and Violence Against Women, pp. 35-38.