Canadian Women’s March 2005 Coalition

What is the Canadian Women’s March 2005 Coalition? 

We are 10 national women’s and social justice groups committed to the elimination of poverty and violence in Canada and to making the links between local and global actions. We were involved in World March of Women in 2000. We are committed to continuing our work to meet the 13 demands developed in 2000 to eliminate poverty and violence against women in Canada. We are members of the World March of Women 2005 – an international movement of women.
In 2000, as part of the Canadian Women’s March Committee, we supported a political platform called It’s Time for Change containing 13 practical demands for the elimination of poverty and violence in Canada and supported the global demands as well. Our 13 demands were presented to the Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien and then finance minister, Paul Martin and to leaders of the Liberal, Progressive Conservative, Bloc Québecois and New Democratic Party. Today, major investments on social programs are still needed and none of the 13 demands have been met.
What is The Canadian Women’s March 2005 Coalition doing?
We are pressuring the federal government to implement the 13 demands of the 2000 March. We are part of the international relay of the Global Women’s Charter for Humanity. The Charter is based on five key values: equality, freedom, solidarity, justice and peace. It provides a feminist vision of a world where exploitation, oppression, intolerance and exclusion no longer exist and where integrity, diversity and the rights and freedoms of all are respected. Through our actions in 2005 and the publication of this Charter, we reiterate our belief in a world filled with hope and life, a world that is truly a good place to live.
On International Women’s Day 2005, women will gather in Sao Paulo Brazil to officially launch the Global Women’s Charter for Humanity. The Global Charter will be relayed by women’s groups from country to country around the world.
Women in Vancouver will be the first Canadians to receive The Women’s Global Charter for Humanity when the coalition delegation arrives from the United States on Sunday May 1, 2005. Canadian women will travel to the border to receive the Charter. The Charter will be celebrated a part of reminding the Canadian government of the Feminist 13 Demands around which Canadian women are united. The Charter will be celebrated along the route. Already major actions are being planned in Vancouver, Yellowknife, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Moncton and Quebec City.
We will update this webpage with information about the relay of the Global Charter and the Canadian Demands across Canada as they develop. For further information contact CASAC at 604-876-2622 or e-mail mailto:[email protected]
VIEW HIGHLIGHTS: World March of Women’s Global Chater for Humanity in Vancouver May 1, 2005