Article III – Termination of Membership
III.1 Membership in the Canadian Association may be terminated by:
a) written resignation to the Representative Committee through their regional representative;
b) the unanimous resolution of members of the Representative Committee to suspend the membership of the member centre in question until the decision can be ratified at the Annual General Meeting:
i) regional representative contacts the centre in question to investigate the complaint,
ii) regional representative is responsible for initiating and carrying out the investigation of the complaint on a regional level,
iii) the Representative Committee is notified of the results of the investigation and makes a recommendation,
iv) if there is a recommendation to suspend membership, the Representative Committee must send a letter by registered mail asking the centre in question to submit a letter of resignation, or request for appeal within 60 days of the date of the letter. No response form the centre shall be considered a resignation,
v) if an appeal is requested, the Representative Committee shall review its recommendation within 60 days,
vi) if the appeal is dismissed, a motion to terminate the membership of the centre in question will be introduced at the Annual General Meeting.
III.2 Grounds for complaint against a member group are failure to adhere to the goals, objectives and criteria for membership and/or failure to fulfill responsibilities as members in the Canadian Association (as per II.4).
III.3 A centre whose membership has been terminated at the Annual General Meeting may reapply for membership in the Canadian Association at a later date. The centre must assure the Canadian Association that it meets the membership criteria. The centre must also signify in writing their agreement with the philosophies, goals and policies of the Canadian Association and their intent to fulfill all responsibilities of membership.