CASAC encourages anti-rape workers and women from the feminist services across the continent to register and participate in the 2005 West Coast LEAF/NAWL Conference: Women’s Rights and Freedoms- 20 Years (In)Equality We suggest women coming to Vancouver for the CASAC convention of centers stay on for the three days of the LEAF/NAWL conference as an opportunity to affect and reinforce the legal wing of the movement and the alliances possible between the frontline workers and the academics and practitioners of law. CASAC has booked our meetings in the same hotel (Hilton Burnaby). We will maintain a reception room throughout the conference to increase our support for those who wish to stay or who wish to caucus during that LEAF/ NAWL event.

New Challenges for Equality Rights
Individual and Group Identity: Transgendered Persons and Women’s Groups
Gwendoline Allison
Christine Boyle
Alice Lee
Police and state responsibility to ending violence against women
Court Challenges: Inserting Feminist Anti Violence Perspectives in Bonnie Mooney v Canada
Louisa Russell
Gail Dickson
Bonnie Mooney
Liz Sheehy
A discussion of prostitution and charter rights
Suzanne Jay
International Policies and Legislation regarding Prostitution and Trafficking in Human Beings
Gunilla Ekberg
Action Workshops: Where do we go from Here? Violence Against Women Action Plan for 2005
Facilitator: Daisy Kler
Immigration Law and Policy, Equality and Violence Against Women
Facilitators: Tami Friesen, Naomi Minwalla, Darla Tomeldan
World March of Women
Facilitators: Sarah Torres, Sue Genge
Erosion of welfare
Facilitator: Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, Lucille Harper, Lee Lakeman