CASAC in the World March of Women: The Relay of the Charter For Humanity

CASAC participates in the Pan-Canadian Committee for the World March of Women and will host the reception of the Charter as it enters Canada at Vancouver on May 1, 2005.
The Charter embodies in its text, the consensus struck among thousands of women around the world as to the future we seek and the oppression we reject and resist. A scroll of that text written in English, Spanish and French left Sao Paolo Brazil on International Womens Day March 8th 2005 and is handed from woman’s hand to womans hand making its way around the world.
We invite men and women to join us in celebrating this feminist exercise of vision and solidarity as it moves from sea to sea to sea across Canada to Quebec. It is the women of Quebec who initiated this coalition and who still provide the international secretariat. Diane Matte, Coordonnatrice of the March secretariat will join us in Vancouver, as will several members of the pan-Canadian Co-ordinating Committee.
As the World March of Women developed from the Quebec action Bread and Roses into an international coalition, so did the women of the world demand the acceptance that it is not only poverty but it is also violence against women that forms the specific nature of and basis of womens oppression. Women around the world join with anti-rape workers in Canada to demand a change in the grim reality women face toward a future of peace and justice.