CASAC Membership Application
Please Note: the application form is available as a PDF file [application.pdf] for printing from your computer. You can download the free Acrobat Reader from the Adobe site (this link takes you directly to their download page). If you experience problems accessing these files, please read and print out our Technical Help Page to assist you in downloading the Acrobat Reader.
1. Briefly describe the history of your centre. Founding members, objectives, and major changes that have occurred.
2. To what coalitions, if any, does your centre belong?
3. Is your centre in agreement with CASAC feminist principals as stated in CASAC basis of unity and 99 steps?
3a. How does your centre promote women’s equality?
4. Is your group an autonomous community group (NGO) or are you a part of another organization or institution, if so what type of group? ( ex. Women’s centre, hospital based service, community health clinic etc…)
5. Is your centre controlled primarily by women? Please describe.
6. How are decisions made at your centre. For ex. By a board of directors, collective, director, etc…
7. What is your internal process for: a) distribution of work and b) hiring staff.
8. Do you have volunteers working at the centre? If yes do they participate in decision making? What type of work is performed by volunteers.
9. How do you see CASAC membership working for your centre.
10. Is your centre prepared to devote some time to CASAC related work?