Violence Against Women and Concepts of Women’s Equality and Freedom

·         Against the Use of Justice
Male Violence against Women and the Loss of Welfare
·        The Pictou Statement
Women’s Resistance: From Victimization to Criminalization
·         Audio files from Conference, Plenaries 1 to 9
Anti-trafficking Policy and Work
·        New CASAC policy
·         Swedish Law material
·         1.D.d. Experiential Women’s Consensus statement
·         Ending Prostitution: Public Forum | link 1 (description of public forum) | link 2 (view webcast of public forum conducted in October 2003. Working TV Archive 2003 )
·         Not For Sale: Feminists Resisting Pornography and Prostitution
·         Working With Refugee Women
·         Live-in Caregivers Speak at Public Forum on Ending Prostitution October 2003 | link1 | link2
Maintaining Autonomous Feminist Groups
·         Consensus Decision-Making Map
Counseling and Advocacy Issues
·         1.F.d. Related audio files from the 2001 Women’s Resistance Conference
·         CASAC Polygraph Policy
·         Prologue: The Heron Case
·         Nellie Nippard’s Story
·         Bonnie Mooney’s Story
Relations between the Canadian Government and the Canadian Women’s Movement
·         (this content is being updated)
Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Status of Women
Draft Convention Agenda
·         Click here to review the draft agenda (updated April 14, 2005)
CASAC Resolutions 2005
CASAC Proposed Resolutions 2005
·        Relationship to Caller
·         Poverty
·         Relation to Canadian Government
·         Internationalism
·         Public Education
·         Funding